Ukraine Russia war : one of our failed counter attacks on Russians

WarLeaks Ukraine Combat footage

This is a sad video, because one of the soldiers from the videos - didnt make it. Humvee hit a mine .

but unlike Russians , we are honest about our victoriies and our Ls ( losses).

If you haven't heard it yet, here the story :
Ukraine loses 16 US-supplied Bradley IFVs in recent days along with 2 Western tanks. One tank got seriously damaged, but did get towed to safety.

Ukraine has lost 16 US-supplied Bradley infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) in the past several days. The losses represent almost 15% of the 109 Bradleys that the United States has provided to Ukraine.

The Bradleys were either destroyed, damaged, or abandoned in recent fighting in the latest counteroffensive op.

The losses come as Ukrainian forces have made gains in the region, capturing three villages from Russian forces and pushing back Russians in Bakhmut.

The loss of the Bradleys is a setback for Ukraine, but it is not a major one. The Ukrainian military has other armored vehicles that it can use, and it is still receiving military aid from the United States and other countries.

Good news ?

About 80-100 Russians got taken out either 200s or 300s , all while trying to retrieve Bradleys anf the 2 tanks left in "grey area". Kinda stupid even of them, especially since the equipment was already destroyed.

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dilanz 9 months ago

russians are just too many. its futile

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Shotskill479 10 months ago

God speed

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