Brutal trench battle aftermath in Ukraine war zone : dead bodies ...

WarLeaks Ukraine Combat footage

Brutal trench battle aftermath in Ukraine war zone : dead bodies from both sides laying scattered around .

Unfortunately this was Ukr trenches that have been taken over by the Russian. The amount of dead Russian soldiers just shows to prove how little Russian commanders care about the life if their soldiers and sending them to ultimately die in bloody trench assaults.

A lot of the times, there is a spicial Russian unit tasked with killing everyone who fails to storm trenches, and they are stationed right behind the group being sent to dealdy trench "meat assaults".

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pugsypugsy 2 days ago

looks to me like all dead Ukranians, no trench just a treeline that was blasted to pieces

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One Russian died by Ukrainian Tree! LOL

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AntiWarrior 8 days ago

Любовь + Секс = Мир
Ненависть + насилие = война
Война - это извращение...

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