Why am I unable to watch some some videos? How to verify my age ?

Some videos due to graphic nature are disabled for viewers under 18.
If you are an adult, and would like to watch our graphic videos, please follow these steps:
1. Register on our website
2 . Click on your profile icon setting or copy and paste this URL in your browser : https://warleaks.net/settings
3. Click on General , select your age and press save.

iPhone users unable to watch videos ...

Unfortunately, we are unable to resolve the issue .

iOS unable to play videos via cloudflare . We hired outside help, after our tech guy couldn't resolve the issue , but even with outside help the issue persists.

This is very frustrating for us as well. This issue doesn't affect Android users or people accessing website on the desktops.

Videos are even playing on PS consoles, but not iPhones 🤨

We will keep you guys updated if this gets resolved. But for the time being , feel free to watch videos on Android/Desktop devices , or visit and subscribe to our Rumble / Telegram channel:

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another possible solution to video not playing on Safari with iOS :

Why is Safari not opening videos?
If Safari not playing videos on iPhone error occurs, you need to check if some web content is restricted in Screen Time. Head to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions, and then choose Content Restrictions > Web Contents. After that, select Unrestricted Access from the list.

Other iPhone video not playing solutions?

Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features. In that list, check to see if you currently have the GPU Process: Media option enabled. If you do, turn it off.

After that, restart the device then test out your videos and they should play.

Restart your iPhone

Other solutions:
In Safari > Advanced > Experimental WebKit Features, enable the following

GPU Process: Canvas Rendering

GPU Process: Media

GPU Process: Video Capture

GPU Process: WebGL

WebGL via Metal

This iOS bug is way too common unfortunately

What to do when videos are not playing ?

There are 3 most common reasons why videos are not playing :

How can you fix the issue with video not playing :

1 . Open the Websites on Safari Using Private Mode
When you browse Safari in Private Mode, the browsing details are not recorded, and also the browser extensions become unusable. If it was a faulty browser extension causing the media to not load, it should be fixed now.

2. Clear the Cache of Safari Browser for iOS
To improve the efficiency of the Safari browser, you can refresh the cache by deleting the browsing data on it. Here is how to do it.

Go to Settings app > navigate to Safari and tap on it.
On the next page, scroll to Clear History and Website Data and tap on it.
Once the above steps are done, restart Safari and load the websites. The media should now appear without any issues.

3. Update iOS to a Newer Version
Go to Settings > General > Software Update.
The iPhone will start searching for a new system update.
Tap on Download and Install if the latest update is available.

This Should fix 99% of the issues when video is not playing on our website

Same solution applies to Android, just settings might be different

Where is WarLeaks Ukraine located?

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How to Support and Donate our project ?

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Payment are accepted through the 3rd merchant, secured, and don't get stored on our server.

We appreciate all your support!

How to Contact us?

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