Russian recording his last video from Ukraine

WarLeaks Ukraine Combat footage

⁣Russian recording his last video from Ukraine
He claims his leg is gine and one arm got turn out , so he will be laying there dying on Ukranian soil. he did say he loves his son

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Nomebear 15 hours ago

What a waste of humanity, all because of one sociopath in Moscow, following in the steps of Stalin.

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696969 18 days ago

Bro did the owner of this website fucken die?? Where is bro?

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pugsypugsy 27 days ago

fuck him and fuck his son i wish torture upon all fucking muslims

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dankster 1 month ago

You did what for son? if Ukraine invaded Russa on special military operation I would say you served your country and your family your son would see that. You died and suffered as invader.

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AlbertMag 1 month ago

just give your master a couple of "Heil putler"s and of you go

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