Russian Ivan seems to be pretty angry at Ukrainian drone nsfw

WarLeaks Ukraine Combat footage

Russian Ivan seems to be pretty angry at Ukrainian drone nsfw
The first assault battalion dismantles enemy transport together with the occupants

One seems particularly unhappy!

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Predator1976 4 days ago

Why was he angry?....he decided to go to Ukraine.....specifically to kill Ukrainians....for money. Did he expect a free lift back to Russia?

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Hesh666 13 days ago

this isnt cool ukraine your supposedo to be better than your enemy.

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All Is Fair In Love And War, Especially so when Orcs Invade aa Sovereign Nation. A3OB

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Predator1976 1 month ago

You have to hand the humanity & empathy aspect of view to the Ukrainians.....they expelled a grenade before he had to endure burning up. They clearly did'nt have to bother. Yet another waste of life. Horrible, Some poor woman's son....I have no words.....just one question. Russia already has the biggest land mass on the planet.....why are they in Ukraine?.....why?

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