Gordon Black, US Army sergeant arrested in Russia after girlfriend files Police Report

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US Army sergeant was detained in Vladivostok on suspicion of theft. He is now in jail.

34-year-old American soldier Gordon Black served at a US military base in South Korea and was supposed to go to Fort Cavazos (Texas) for further service.

However, before returning to his homeland, Gordon decided to stop by Vladivostok. According to his mother, he went there to see his girlfriend.

Gordon met his girlfriend Sasha in South Korea a couple of years ago. Soon they started dating. The girl recently left for Russia, and in mid-April Gordon came to Vladivostok to visit her.

However, in the video above , alleged girlfriend makea fun of him by calling "Pindos" ( trans: faggot ) . She also points out at a patch with the inscription KATUSA (Korean Branch of the US Army), wondering if Black is a “partisan or saboteur.”

His , so called girlfriend, filed a police report accusing Gordon Black of physical assault, theft of 200,000 Rubles , and theft of alcohol.

Bigger question here , if Gordon Black got "honey potted" by Russian FSB operative and if she was able to gain any intelligence about American forces in South Korea . there is a second video that I have seen personally, where Gordon's Gf is recording a video on the streen next to American Base .

The mother of "gf", commented on tge situation: "The couple was busy drinking and arguing. A domestic dispute over alcohol consumption escalated into a dispute with the police. And the situation due to which the Ministry of Internal Affairs usually turns away applicants or at most does “administrative citation” has sharply escalated into a criminal case with arrest. This happened when it turned out that the “hooligan” is a US citizens, and a military man"

Gordon here , obviously made a lot if stupid choices and the worst one was visiting Russia.

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pugsypugsy 11 days ago

you want a russian girlfriend come to queens theyre 21 bux a pop without having to deal with their shitty language and attitude fuck em and keep it movin I hope this asshole didnt give up any valuable intel

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For sure!

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