How many tanks has Russia lost in Ukraine?

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How many tanks has Russia lost in Ukraine?

As of June 14, 2023, Russia has lost an estimated ⁣2,027 tanks in Ukraine, according to the Oryx blog. This number includes tanks that have been destroyed, damaged, abandoned, or captured by Ukrainian forces. Russia had an estimated 2,700 (newer, battle ready) tanks in its inventory before the invasion, so this represents a significant loss.

In the video above , you see another one bite a dust . Russian tank tried to avoid taking the main road and not hit the anti tank mines, but did just that ...

There are a number of factors that have contributed to Russia's high tank losses. First, Ukrainian forces have been using Western-supplied anti-tank weapons, such as the Javelin and NLAW, which have been very effective against Russian tanks. Second, Russian tactics have been poor, and they have often deployed their tanks in a vulnerable manner. Third, morale among Russian forces is low, and this has led to some tanks being abandoned.

The loss of so many tanks has had a significant impact on Russia's ability to fight in Ukraine. Tanks are a key part of any army's armored warfare capabilities, and their loss has made it more difficult for Russia to advance on Ukrainian positions. It is also likely to have a negative impact on Russia's morale, as it is a visible sign of their military's weakness.

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