Ukraine combat footage - trench CLOSE QUARTERS battle ( where Semyon Pegov aka WarGonzo killed)

Funker530 Ukraine
Funker530 Ukraine
19 June 2023

Ukraine combat footage - trench CLOSE QUARTERS battle
Famous Russian Blogger, WarGonzo ( Semyon Pegov) was shot in this video and currently in Russian hospital with no brain activity.
The terrifying realities of close-quarter trench combat on the frontlines of Ukraine have been captured by GoPro camera inside the trench
Wagner execution sledgehammer full video : The hammer of revenge

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Doing as a Warrior Defending His Country Must!, Never Mind the Beainwashed Idiots in these comments. A3OB

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jeeohdee 2 months ago

Must be really butthurt to be shooting bodies

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mariejvr9 1 month ago

hey man have u ever heard of finishing them off?

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daniel4yueh 2 months ago

Bro Had to lock in his kill streak

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sillyumtious 6 months ago

zappen em fools down to the ground god damn!!!! enemy down *50 points, kill assist +25 killing spree +400 YOU WIN

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