Russian soldier shows aftermath of Baba yaga drone destroying BMP-3

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Russian soldier shows aftermath of Baba yaga drone destroying BMP-3

A Russian Army serviceman rummages through a pile of metal left over from a Russian BMP-3. Judging by the fragments of enemy equipment scattered by the shock wave at a considerable distance from each other, one can only guess about the force of the strike. Presumably, the legendary Ukrainian drone “Baba Yaga” (as the occupiers called it) flew into the armored vehicle.

It is this large, heavy drone, supposedly equipped with claws, that Russian propagandists attribute the ability to carry wounded invaders from the battlefield: “The Baba Yaga drone is the size of a person, it is usually accompanied by two small reconnaissance UAVs like the DJI Mavic. These drones appear at night and shoot them down "It's difficult because electronic warfare systems do not affect them. They steal our wounded. The drone is equipped with special devices that visually resemble claws, with which it grabs a person who is unable to run away, hide or fight him off."

The Ukrainian military does use large drones that can lift ammunition weighing up to 20 kg, but not a person. Such UAVs are usually used for night bombing of the enemy: the drone operates autonomously - operators indicate coordinates, the drone flies to the target, drops ammunition, and then returns independently.

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