Russian soldier death by SUICIDE - ukraine war videos telegram

WarLeaks Ukraine Combat footage

Ivan realized that master Putin will not send anyone to save the Soviet slave , so he decided that headshot with the AK was his only way out. one way or another , another Russian fertilizing Ukrainian soil

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ukraine war videos telegram

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uumaosa 1 month ago

what song

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HaleyCatgirl 1 month ago

I want to see a ukraine military dude at some point take a Russian troop out of combat with a paintball gun filled with pepper spray balls, lol.

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thiswebsitessketchy 3 months ago

What is it with some of you people. A war takes place and its now a free for all? these poeple wouldve lead completely peaceful lives mostly at least, if not for putin. They either go to war or to jail, it's lose lose. and You can see on this website what some of them do to their own people for making choices they dusagree with. God some of you are just waiting for an excuse to devolve into savages.

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Ukrainestrongest 3 months ago

Cause watching a Russian do it is better. Period. They chose to invade.

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Loona 3 months ago

Cant believe we're supplying such tards with weaponry

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itsslucky9 2 months ago

Loona must be slow this is obviously a Russian killing himself not Ukrainian we are suppling the Ukraine with stuff not Russians dumb ass lol

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