Russia Using Barrier Troops in Ukraine to Kill Russian Soldiers Who Retreat

WarLeaks Ukraine Combat footage

Russia deployed barrier troops to Ukraine, which are military units that are tasked with preventing soldiers from retreating from the battlefield.

In this video, Ukranian drone was conducting surveillance on the Russian soldiers retreating after abandoning their positions . Then iut of where , a group of soldiers appeared ( wearing Russian uniform) and opened fire on their own.

Russian blocking units and Barrier troops have been accused of shooting and killing Russian soldiers who have tried to flee in privious conflicts in Chechnya and Syria, but this the first video recorded case to date, however its not the fisrt case ut happened. Ukranian military regulary intercepts radio transmission of similar "kill your own" orders from the Russian side.

The use of barrier troops is a sign of the desperation of the Russian military, which is facing heavy losses in Ukraine. It is also a violation of international law, which prohibits the killing of prisoners of war.
The use of barrier troops is a chilling reminder of the brutality of the Russian war in Ukraine. It is essential that the international community put pressure on Russia to end this war and to hold those responsible for war crimes accountable.

The UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) has said that Russian forces are likely deploying "barrier troops" or "blocking units" to prevent desertion. These units, which have been used in previous conflicts by Russian forces, threaten to shoot their own retreating soldiers in order to compel offensives and use as the scare tactics on Russian soldiers with the low morale.

The MoD said that the use of barrier troops suggests that Russian morale is low and that soldiers are reluctant to fight. The deployment of these units is also a sign that the Russian military is struggling to make progress in its war in Ukraine.

The MoD's assessment is supported by reports from the ground in Ukraine. In recent weeks, there have been a number of reports of Russian soldiers surrendering or refusing to fight. There have also been reports of soldiers deserting and fleeing the battlefield.

The use of barrier troops is a disturbing development in the war in Ukraine. It suggests that the Russian military is resorting to desperate measures to try to maintain its momentum. The deployment of these units is also a sign that the war is taking a heavy toll on Russian morale.

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