Nepali mercenary fighting on the Russian side captured, didn't speak Russian

WarLeaks Ukraine Combat footage

Nepali mercenary captured while fighting on the Russian side : used Google translate to communicate with his comrades

Near Avdiivka, a Ukrainian soldier captured a rather rare and exotic specimen - a mercenary from Nepal.

Not so long ago, militant Bibek Katri, who signed a contract with the Russian Defense Ministry and is serving in one of the airborne brigades, was undergoing rehabilitation in a hospital in the Lugansk region after being wounded. There, together with a friend, I even recorded a video with words of gratitude for letters from Russian children (second video).

Already in captivity, the Nepalese paratrooper does not hide the fact that he strived to kill the inhabitants of a foreign country solely for money. Bibek wanted to return to his mother successful, and now he calls Putin Hitler.

Nepalese people flocked to the Russian army for contract work after Russia simplified access to citizenship after a year of military service in May. Some left the Nepalese army for this purpose. It is not necessary to know Russian - English is enough

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Drunkenmaster 2 months ago

More indain then Nepali. That's no Gurkha

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PeaceLovinNepali 4 months ago

sad to hear my nepali brothers fighting without need but fighting for quick wealth and greed

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