UpSide Promo codes for Existing users 2024

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⁣ Download the Upside App through your devices app store or our affiliate link to get the initial discount for new users : ( automatic 15 cents off per gallon)
2. Create a new account
3. In the App, click the human icon on upper right corner
4. Click "Profile"
5. Click "edit" for "Promo code" section
6. Enter following codes. Note that you can enter only one code at a time. So delete the existing code (if any), enter the first code, and then click "Done". You should be back to "Profile". Repeat the same steps for all codes before filling up. Even though you will be removing the code each time, these codes will stack with each other. When you are done entering, sometimes it takes restarting the app for your discount to show up. :


When entering please make sure there are no spaces after the code (auto correct tends to outs a space on some devices). Some of the above codes will not not work in some areas , but just skip to entering the next code . It's important to enter all this codes before making your first purchase

Now, on the homepage of the app you will see a bonus for $1.50-$2.00/gallon on your next fill up!

The codes below are for existing users , so once your discounts run out from the first list of codes codes , you will use these for another 2-3 fill ups, don't forget to put those in 1 by 1 … :


8. You will be able to cash out via PayPal, Bank or Gift Cards (including Amazon gift card).
9. On future gas fill ups, you may be able to get up to 25cents/gallon cashback via this app.
Make sure you claim the gas offer near you , pay using card that you selected in the app , and mark the claim order as paid, it will take 3-4 ( may take up to 10) days for UpSide to post a rebate on your account.

When using the app, do not forget to claim an offer before filling up, using the card that you added to the app, then marking off as an offer paid when you completely filled up. If you have more than one car in your household, I recommend filling up 2 cars at once with the same offer. Especially at first if you are getting a $1-2 rebate per gallon.

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