Hamas vs IDF : GoPro combat footage of Hamas street battles

WarLeaks Ukraine Combat footage

Hamas vs IDF : GoPro combat footage of Hamas street battles

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daniel4yueh 2 months ago

Why did Ukraine Combat footage post Hamas vs IDF?

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pugsypugsy 4 months ago

maybe the fucking jews and muslims will kill off each other in their entirety

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PC_Beeze 5 months ago

the courage it takes to fight an army that has all the weaponry, and your sides only got guns and rpg's. And to boot, their supporters call these brave men terrorists. What kind of pitiful person allies with the zionist bullies. keep up the good fight, send those devils back to hell where they came from...

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dankster 7 months ago

No kills here just good examples 'of reactive armer.

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pvtcoward 7 months ago

this war is so crazy seeing so much gopro footage from literal terrists lmao theres always the fair share of old is militants n shit but seeing a new video everyday from the perspective of these terrorists is gnarly

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